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1) What is eLearning Portal?

Elearning Portal is nothing but the website where Chanakya Mandal is conducting Online Courses for the Competitive Examinations like UPSC, MPSC, PSI, etc.

2) Which are the Courses available on this portal?

Currently the courses available of the portal are UPSC, MPSC, PSI. Other than these courses the video's of Mr. Avinish Dharmadhikari also available. These are the video's which are rather than the syllabus video's which are useful for the Competitive Examination.

3) Are these Courses free?

No these Courses are not free. We have to pay for them. For more information regarding fees and other information contact CHANAKYA MANDAL, PUNE Head Office.((020) 24338542,24321177)

4) Is it necessary to attend the Physical lectures once we have taken the admission for the eLearning course?

The admission for the eLearning course and physical course is different. Once you have taken the admission for eLearning course it is not necessary to attempt physical lectures. Using the Internet you can study any time, any where.

5) Can I take admission for pre exam preparation?

Yes, candidate can take admission for any preparation like Preliminary, Mains, Interview. The course free structure is created in such a way that candidate can take the admission for any preparation. For more details regarding same contact CHANAKYA MANDAL, PUNE Head Office.((020) 24338542,24321177)

6) Where can I get the Course Syllabus and Course Structure?

For the information regarding the Course Syllabus and Course Structure go to the “Online Courses” menu.

7) How to take admission for the course?

i) To take the admission first you register on the website. Then CHANAKYA MANDAL will contact you for the further details.


ii) Directly contact to CHANAKYA MANDAL, PUNE Head Office ((020) 24338542,24321177) for admission.

8) How to access the study material?

i) To access the study material first we have to take admission for the course.
ii) Once the admission is done CHANAKYA MANDAL will give you the user id and password.
iii) Go to the website “http://chanakyamandal.deekshasystems.com” and login to the system from the main page.
iv) Once you have successfully logged into system you will see the course details for which you have taken the admission.
v) By clicking on any lesson link in course details you will see the actual content which is in textual or video format.

9) How can I chat with other people?

You can chat with the people who have taken admission for eLearning course and currently logged into the system. For the same refer the menu “chat” which is available at the bottom of left panel.

10) What is the duration of the Course?

The duration of the Course is 1 year from the admission date. For more clarification contact CHANAKYA MANDAL, PUNE Head Office.((020) 24338542,24321177)

11) How can I interact with the Course Co-ordinator?

To interact with the Course Co-ordinator you can send the request through the form functionality.
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